2014 - The Year Ahead

Jacqueline Mendez - Sunday, December 22, 2013

2104 - The Year Ahead

 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 7

When we look at the year ahead in numerology it’s important to understand the significance of each digit involved in the sum of the Universal Year. The simplest way to explain how numerology works is by understanding that each number takes us on a specific journey, or lesson. Like most things in life, the numbers carry with them both positive and negative characteristics, and it is up to us how we choose to work through the challenges they bring our way.

A quick description of the numbers 2014:

2 - The number two represents the need to relate to one another on an equal basis. It encourages us to be supportive and cooperative with one another, where balance and teamwork are of upmost importance. It is associated with the Moon in astrology, therefore our intuition, feelings, and emotions play a big part. Supporting and helping others is all good and well, but we must also pay attention to our own emotional needs, making sure that they are also fulfilled. Finding a healthy balance between give and take is the hallmark.

0 - The zero represents the need to follow and act on our humanitarian inclinations. Our ability to do something, whether big or small that helps mankind in some way is the key. We must be void of judgement and prejudice towards others, and instead adopt a more compassionate and understanding point of view when it comes to the suffering of others and what we can do to help alleviate this.

1 - The number one represents our will-power and our striving for an objective. It asks that we stand up for ourselves, that we be assertive and courageous, and speak up for what we believe in. It shows the need to embrace independent action, regardless of opposition. That we be original and innovative in our drive to create the future we envisage.

4 - The number four represents the need to strengthen our foundations - primarily; our home, work, finances and health. It shows the need for order and the restructuring of our lives. It is ruled by the planet Uranus in astrology, which indicates rebellion, revolution, and the tearing away of the old and useless, in order to make way for the new and progressive. 

The sum of all these numbers equals 7. This number shows what the year ahead holds in store for us. Seven represents amongst other things - CHANGE and SPIRITUAL AWARENESS. It asks that we reflect on our past, look at the present, and plan for the future. It provides us with the opportunity to take a hold of the reins and create the necessary adjustments or changes needed in order to take our lives in the direction we wish to. It is ruled by the planet Neptune in astrology, which at its highest potential stands for spiritual awakening, compassion, tolerance and understanding. At its lowest vibration it implies lies, deception and illusion.

How does numerology help to predict the year ahead?

By understanding the vibrational significance of each digit contained within a specific year and the lessons pertaining to those numbers we are able to take a glimpse at the challenges, as well as the gifts the year ahead holds in store for us. Every number tells a story and takes us down a specific journey. There are positive and negative attributes that apply to each number and it is up to us to ensure we work with the highest potential of each number.

2014 will be a year of tremendous change, both on a universal level and on a personal level.

I see people coming together, supporting and helping one another towards a common vision, based mostly on equal rights. More and more people around the world will find the strength and courage to stand up for what they believe, for their rights, and for the truth. I expect an atmosphere of revolution, with a strong and progressive mindset. There will be more lies and deception to contend with from governments and those in positions of authority, but as the people unite and open their eyes to the truth of what surrounds us, we will no longer remain passengers on this journey, but rather the instigators of well needed change world wide. How we handle this coming year will either break us or make us in 2015 - a year that promises abundance, or at its very worst, another financial crisis. I suspect there will be more natural disasters taking place, some of which will take us by surprise.

In so far as relationships are concerned it is important that we focus on being more understanding and supportive of one another, with an emphasis on creating peaceful and harmonious relationships. We must take our fair share of responsibility without leaning on loved ones unnecessarily. Feelings and emotions are bound to flair-up this coming year, reminding us of the need to take stock and listen to what our emotions are trying to tell us. This will give us the opportunity to focus on creating an atmosphere based on compromise, where everyone’s needs are met fairly. The 7 year is not one that focuses greatly on work or finances, but rather a time to sit quietly, contemplate and think about the changes we need or want to make in our lives. Spending more time in nature and away from the busy humdrum is the key.

Focus on helping and supporting one another more. Let your voice be heard and stand up for yourself and others when necessary, don’t be afraid to go against the grain. Spend some quiet time contemplating on the things you would like to change, and change them!

2014 will be a good year to do some soul searching and introspection, to gain self-understanding, and to develop inner power and spiritual awareness.

2013 Australian Elections - Profile Analysis

Jacqueline Mendez - Friday, August 30, 2013


With all the hoo-ha that's been going on between our politicians and the upcoming Australian Elections, it's no wonder people are asking: 'who will I vote for?' Well, here's a profile analysis on both Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd, in the hope that we may gain a clearer perspective on both these individual's life path journey.


(DOB: 4/11/1957)

Mr Abbot is a life path number 1 - the number of LEADERSHIP.

When we add each individual digit in his birth date we end up with the number 28 (2 + 8 = 10 = 1).

Although he is a number 1, he also needs to take into account the lessons pertaining to the numbers 2 and 8 respectively.

These numbers (28/1) represent his primary life lessons, and show the challenges he must overcome in order to become the ‘ultimate’ leader.

Lets take a closer look at Mr Abbott’s life path numbers and his specific life lessons.

The number 2 takes him on a journey that emphasizes the lesson of RELATING to others on an equal basis. 

In its most positive sense this number gives him an acute perception and understanding of others’ feelings and needs. It endows him with the ability to work well within groups, as a team-player, cooperating and supporting others towards a common goal. The nature of the number 2 is that of peace-maker, they often hide their real feelings and make sacrifices for others that they don’t really want to make, and later become resentful. These people find it difficult to say no - therefore, finding a balance between the need to please others without disregarding their own needs and desires is a very big lesson. In its most negative sense being overly sensitive and vulnerable to the opinions of others is a big hurdle, and could explain Mr Abbott’s nervous verbal blunders!

The number 8 takes him on a journey that emphasizes the lesson of PERSONAL POWER.

Here we have a number that promotes power and success, someone who is attracted to positions of influence and leadership. Positively, this number shows a leader who enjoys power without concern or abuse, who shares his blessings generously and wisely, and one who uses his power in service of a higher good. They make brilliant managers, especially when it comes to business and finance. They have the ability to guide, inspire and encourage others, prodding them into action and directing them. In its most negative sense those with an 8 feel insecure in their ability to lead and succeed, often self-sabotaging their opportunities for success and giving their power away out of fear of standing their ground. Greed and corruption brings dire consequences for those influenced by this number.

The number 1 takes him on a journey that promotes LEADERSHIP.

This number describes Mr Abbott’s most important task - to be an independent, decisive and courageous leader, one who is confident in his ability to manifest creative and innovative ideas that move others in a forward direction. He is here to break new ground, get past old barriers and perspectives, having the courage and confidence to wonder from the beaten path. Negatively, those influenced by the number 1 struggle with insecurity, fearful of standing up on their own two feet, and becoming co-dependent rather than independent.

Mr Abbott’s profile shows a knack for arousing controversy in others, a somewhat rebellious nature, and an inclination towards impulsive actions. He has his own, often peculiar way of doing things - this is standard number 1 behaviour - they want to stand out and perhaps even shock others with provocative viewpoints - anything to be different!

The combination of these numbers show that Mr Abbott has within his disposal the ability to manage, guide and lead others forward - his ultimate potential!

What lies ahead for Mr Abbott?

On closer inspection of his profile, Mr Abbott is, and will continue to be, under the influence of the number 6 Pinnacle throughout the rest of his life. This number focuses on RESPONSIBILITY towards others, primarily - family members, friends and his community. One in which being of service to others in a supportive, caring and understanding way will bring him many rewards. He must develop the potential skill of bringing peaceful resolutions and harmonizing situations wherever possible. In many ways he is the glue that holds others together.

His biggest challenge lies around his sensitivity and vulnerability when it comes to others’ opinions and the effect this has on his self-confidence. He needs to view his sensitivity as a positive strength which allows him to perceive what others feel and need - using this to his advantage.

He must remain constructive in his outlook and avoid extreme and provocative viewpoints which can undercut his influence. Procrastination is another factor he must avoid. Rather than getting stuck in the mind overanalyzing situations, he should balance logic with intuition and make necessary changes without remaining stuck in a rut.

The next twelve months look promising for Mr Abbott as he strolls into his 3 personal year. It will be a mentally active year for him, full of challenging and stimulating activities. It certainly won’t be a year for routine or mundane matters, but rather one that promises the opportunity for growth, expansion and bringing in new and creative ideas. Communication is highlighted, therefore he is advised to remain sensitive in his expression, yet, direct and honest. Joint endeavours and contact with foreign countries will prove to be positive. With lucky Jupiter residing in Mr Abbott’s professional sphere over the next twelve months, looks like lady luck could be on his side!

7 September 2013 is a personal day number 1 for Mr Abbott (which also happens to be his life path number) - he can expect a brand new beginning!


(DOB: 21/9/1957)

Mr Rudd is a life path number 7 - the number that emphasizes TRUST.

When we add each individual digit in his birth date we end up with the number 34 (3 + 4 = 7).

Although he is a number 7, he also needs to take into account the lessons pertaining to the numbers 3 and 4 respectively.

These numbers (34/7) represent his primary life lessons, and show the challenges he needs to overcome.

Lets take a closer look at Mr Rudd’s life path numbers and his specific life lessons.

The number 3 takes him on a journey that promotes COMMUNICATION skills.

In its most positive sense this number brings the gift of constructive self-expression. By this I mean the ability to speak up and confront people and situations, not only with sensitivity, but by being honest and direct. It shows an individual with the capacity to uplift and motivate others, be it through the written word or verbal communication. At its most negative, it shows someone who suffers from self-doubt and is easily disappointed, who is dictatorial, tearing others down with harsh words and criticism, and who is manipulative rather than direct and honest. Sensationalism can also be a problem.

The number 4 takes him on a journey that emphasizes SECURITY and STABILITY.

In its most positive sense this number promotes patience, organization and a strong sense of foundations. It shows an individual who is hard working, loyal, reliable, and achieves his goals through a step-by-step process, always persevering and never giving up on his goals. In its most negative sense, it represents someone who is materialistic, lacks patience, takes short cuts, makes impulsive decisions and is fixed in his ways.

The number 7 takes him on a journey that emphasizes the need to learn to TRUST and OPEN UP.

This is a very spiritual number, and one that takes him on a path of personal growth and development. It endows him with a brilliant and incisive mind - great for research and knowledge. At its most negative, the number 7 struggles with issues of trust - not just trusting others, but trusting his own intuitive guidance. They can be very secretive and suspicious, fearful that others will betray them if they open up completely, which of course creates all sorts of misunderstandings, and brings the very thing they fear - betrayal!

Mr Rudd’s profile shows that he is ambitious, with a strong desire for financial success, and will do well within his professional sphere. Foreign countries and foreigners are his thing - at least this is what his astrological chart shows. He is polite and agreeable, but also somewhat dictatorial. He has strong ideals and is genuinely interested in making this a better place. He can be too easy with money and must watch out for schemes that lead to losses. He has a rather social nature, which if not careful, could dominate his personality. He would do well to be more transparent and let others see him for his true self.  An aspect in Mr Rudd’s chart shows high priority and fascination when it comes to aesthetics and personal presentation. He takes great pride in what he does and wishes to be admired. He should avoid superficiality at all cost.

The combination of Mr Rudd’s numbers show that he has at his disposal the ability to come up with new ideas and then seem them through in practical application. 

What lies ahead for Mr Rudd?

I have to say, the day Ms Gillard was overthrown by Mr Rudd, the planet Mercury had just turned retrograde - a very bad day to make such crucial decisions. If there was one day in the year in which decisions should not have been made that was it! When Mercury goes retrograde it represents a time to reflect, rethink and rework things through. When major decisions are made during Mercury retrograde, people change their minds, agreements fall through, its just plain disaster!!

On closer inspection of his profile for the coming year, Mr Rudd is about to enter his last Pinnacle - number 4. This won’t be an easy year for him, especially with his personal year being a 9. It represents a year of endings, letting go, completion and clearing the slate. There may be financial issues to contend with and even health problems if too much stress is a factor. He would do well to focus on re-strengthening his foundations - home, work, finances and health - at least in one of these areas there will be difficulties to contend with. It will be important for him to make progressive changes and let go of anything or anyone that has outlived its time or purpose rather than clinging on. Impulsive decisions and actions should be avoided.

7 September 2013 is a personal day number 7 for Mr Rudd (which also happens to be his life path number) - he can expect changes taking place on this day, and the need for time alone to contemplate.

May the best man win!