Numerology is a valuable business tool that can help enhance productivity, profits and overall success. Know the best time for launching new ideas and products, signing contracts, hiring new staff members, staff promotions, conflict resolution and selecting new business premises.

Want to know how to better understand your staff members and their individual strengths and weaknesses, and what you can do to make the office environment run smoothly, where each individual’s needs are met?

Find out who has leadership potential, teamwork ability and more. Learn how to improve co-worker relationships by understanding the dynamics behind each individual, how they can work more effectively as a team and resolve any underlying conflicts. For each team member it provides a valuable understanding of their individual talents and natural abilities and any challenges that need attention.

We run company workshops, focusing on management and teams, working with the group to understand their individual talents and how they can maximise these to enhance individual success and achieve greater results within the business. Standard workshop packages are available or we can tailor a package to meet your requirements. By understanding and being aware of timing of opportunities and being able to plan for the year ahead based on the natural cycle and rhythm of the numbers, you will gain a better understanding of the current challenges and better plan ahead to achieve maximum success.

  • Team & Management Workshops
  • Consulting Services
  • Coaching Services
  • Cost: Supplied upon request according to company requirements