“Beyond the Physical” with Jacquie M & Blair Stewart

‘Together we Bridge Heaven & Earth’ 

This is a great way to get together with friends and/or family and enjoy an open reading with Jacquie & Blair. 
Combining Blair's gift and ability to connect with the Spirit World, bringing through valuable information from guides and loved ones on the other side, and Jacquie's skills in grounding this information through the language of Astrology and Numerology, together they will illuminate and transform your life. A great group reading suited to friends and family members.

Jacquie Mendez

Jacquie M:

I am a catalyst for change. I am here to remind you of the path you have chosen, but may have forgotten. I will show you where your life direction lies, your soul’s chosen journey, the unique gifts you bring from other lives, the challenges you face, and why, clearing the way to a happier, healthier and more fulfilled you. Through awareness and insight, I will help you transform your life.

Blair Stewart:

I am a Psychic Medium and Reiki Master. I see spirits, either loved ones or guides who wish to communicate with family members in the physical. I am shown a movie screen, where past, present and future events take place. I intuitively sense what others feel, and have been doing this work for over twelve years.

Minimum of 10 people

Cost: $65 per person