What is StarCards?

  • StarCards is a personalised Birthday card that comes with a gift - a personal ‘reading’. It has been designed specifically to help you gain direction, by knowing exactly where your focus and intent need to be from one birthday to the next. By understanding the numerical energy influencing you each year, you will find yourself swimming with the current, rather than against it. The information contained within StarCards has been derived from the infinite wisdom of Numerology and Astrology.

What’s Included in StarCards?

  • Your very own beautifully illustrated and personalised birthday card.
  • A comprehensive ‘reading’ delineating what the year ahead holds in store for you, and most importantly, where your focus and direction need to be from one year to the next.
  • An outline of what’s on your mind, or consuming your thoughts throughout the year.
  • Access to monthly readings - this will help you understand the action you need to take each month in order to make the best possible decisions and choices.
  • Unlimited free birthday cards to send as a gift to family and friends with their very own personal reading.
(Please note - monthly readings are not included when sending birthday cards - this is only available on purchase of the App).

What’s a Personal Year Number?

  • The Personal Year number represents the universal energy working with you during any particular year. It is derived from the addition of your day of birth, your month of birth, and the current universal year*. By understanding your Personal Year number you will know exactly where your focus and direction lie from year to year.
  • The Personal Year is crucial in determining the right timing of events, such as; when to launch a new business, start a new project, enter a business partnership or marriage, when it’s time to bring things to an end and start clearing the slate, the best time to network and get your ideas out there, most opportune time for travel, moving home, having a family, etc. The list is endless.
How Does the Current Universal Year Work?

    • Some numerologists believe that the universal year begins for everyone on the 1st of January - I strongly disagree. The ‘CURRENT UNIVERSAL YEAR’ begins on your birthday, and ends on your following birthday ie. if your birthday is on the 17th August, the year 2012 begins for you on the 17th August 2012, and ends 17th August 2013. Three months prior to your birthday the energy of the next Personal Year starts to kick in.

What is a Personal Cycle?

  • The Personal Cycle shows what is on your mind, or consuming your thoughts during any particular year.

What is a Personal Month Reading?

  • The Personal Month readings serve as a guide in knowing what action or non-action to take from one month to the next, helping you make the right choices and decisions.