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Andrea – Human Rights Activist

‘I had come to a point in my life where I could no longer continue avoiding the issues I had with my mother. The insight Jacquie gave me about myself and my relationship with my mother was a revelation. It gave me a new perspective and a new way to deal with the situation, which is now much healthier and positive. Through the eyes of astrology and numerology, she continues to help me on my journey, moving with me through layers of beliefs, hopes, fears, successes and failures, to a better understanding of who I really am, with a compassion that is rare. She has the uncanny ability of helping people understand the nature of who they really are. Her compassion and understanding know no bounds as she talks with you about the wonderful ride that is our life, and how we can steer ourselves through the ups and downs. You will feel and be empowered by her gift and commitment to not only helping, but seeing people reach for and fulfill their potential. Thank you with all my heart and soul Jacquie’.  

Alberto - Pilot

‘I remember the first time I came to see Jacquie for a reading. A friend had recommended I go and see her for advice. I was a sceptic, had never done anything like this before and really had no faith in her ability to help me through one of the most trying periods of my life. To cut a long story short, I was short of amazed at the things she told me about myself, what was currently happening in my life and why. Most importantly, she not only pointed out the challenges I was facing, but was able to give me sound and logical advise. I have since made it one of my main priorities to see her on a yearly basis. I recall saying to her after the reading - ‘if I hadn’t come to see you, I would’ve been kicking myself for the rest of my life’. Truly gifted, I cannot thank you enough for the help you’ve given me over the years’. 

Reaya - Model

‘What I love about Jacquie’s readings is the in-depth detail that she shares about your life, being the past, present or future. Jacquie is able to bring all the information about your life and let you know when is the best time for you to start something or end it. It is like having an upper hand on life. She shares the precious information about ourselves that otherwise we would not be aware of. When I had my reading, I was blown away by how accurate Jacquie was in explaining the type of person I am. Not only can she help guide you, the beauty of all this is that it is all written in the stars! Thank you so much Jacquie for all your wisdom’ .  

Mehali - Professional Dancer

‘I met Jacquie at a time in my life when I had lost all hope and direction. Years of disappointments and bad choices saw me turning to drugs and gambling. She was able to unveil the shroud I had woven around myself, and what I saw was no longer the broken man whose life was a tragedy, but a man who did not understand the gifts and blessings that lay within him. Now I am twelve months sober. I have reconnected with my family and have started to see life as an experience where I have the steering wheel firmly in my hands and can make it move in any direction I choose. She has given me this feeling of empowerment that makes you feel that the sky is the limit’. 

Anne - Mother / Massage Therapist

I have been seeing Jacquie over a number of years who has helped me immensely with her knowledge. The readings were very useful for direction and guidance in my relationship, my career and particularly useful in dealing with my teenage children. Being aware of timing for opportunities in relation to my career has been considerably useful in planning for the future year, allowing me to focus and target particular areas. The charts highlighted talents and natural abilities and challenges that needed attention and the timing of these. Also revealed were the dynamics of the individual relationships within our family. Particularly useful as a mother trying to understand actions and underlying challenges for each child in the family and how they interact with each other. The information gained helped me better deal with their individual needs. Many issues were brought to light through the readings and I am very grateful for this insight.  

Corinne - University Student

When I first went for a reading I must admit, I was skeptical to say the least. I was guarded and unsure as to how an astrologer could benefit my life. From that very first meeting I was blown away by Jacquie’s understanding of her craft and her ability to not only look into my future, but to look into my past and help me understand how I have come to the conclusions that I have. Over the last 2 years, I have come to rely on Jacquie, for her accurate readings – having a yearly solar return is now high on my list of priorities!  

Frank - Dentist / Computer Software Analyst

‘As my background is in science, coupled with being a male, I had a healthy dose of skepticism going into my first astrology reading. Where I was expecting more of the run of the mill horoscope stuff, Jacquie gave me a totally different experience and respect. I felt listened to and connected on a deeper level, and she tuned into the parts of my life that are important for me. Despite it possibly being a challenge for me to hear, she made some very important points around what my deeper self needed. The information she supplied and explained to me was fascinating! I saw the past in a new light, and explained much of where I came from and how it all contributed to where I am today, and further more, how I have influence over the future to a great extent. Jacquie, I’m really looking forward to the next reading!’  

James - Architect

‘Ever since I was young I have always had trouble sleeping, but it wasn’t until I was going through an extremely stressful period in my life that it got to a point where I couldn’t really sleep at all. The sleeping pills I was taking were no longer working, and I literally felt as though I was going insane from lack of sleep. I found myself in a terrible state and I didn’t know what to do or who to turn to, I felt helpless. A friend recommended I see Jacquie who he knew had done some ‘hands-on-healing’ on others and might be able to help me. I had always been skeptical about these kinds of things and never thought it would work, but I was willing to give it a go as I found myself in a desperate situation. During the session I felt very relaxed, which was something I hadn’t felt in a long time. After it was over I told Jacquie that I did feel a bit better, but didn’t think I’d be able to sleep without the sleeping pills. She told me that I wouldn’t be needing them anymore, and should try to go without them - I didn’t believe her. That night when I got home I laid on my bed still in my work clothes, and within thirty minutes my eyelids were so heavy I couldn’t keep them open. The next thing I knew it was morning and I had slept ten hours straight! From that day on I have not experienced a sleepless night again. I still find it hard to believe. I don’t know how she did it, all I can say is that it worked, like magic. Jacquie not only fixed my insomnia, things had changed inside of me, which I wasn’t aware of that night, but began to notice days later. I’m so much more relaxed nowadays, and generally happier about every aspect of my life. Jacquie you absolutely tripped me out! I am truly grateful and indebted to you, thank you’.  

Kristina – Kinesiologist

Meeting Jacquie was like a breath of fresh air. With her approach to her work she has brought light into my life and shown me the next step in my journey. She has helped me resolve childhood issues that unbeknown to me at the time were holding me back from moving forward. I have been able to move on and step up in my life. I am grateful to have met her, and the biggest lesson she has taught me is that through facing my challenges and fears I now know I am on the right path.