Healing Crystal Wands

Healing Crystal Wands

These wands are inspired by the Spirits of Earth’s Ancestors’
Each wand is unique and individual to the user.

When making a wand I immerse myself into a meditative state, the atmosphere surrounding me infused with the essence of burning sage, and in the background, plays the sound of the beating drums of our ancestors — giving life to each individual wand.


These images are examples of the work I do. Each one is designed to be unique and individual to the others. They are channelled through by Spirit, and made with what nature has to offer (excluding the glue..). The materials used consist of bamboo, leather, copper, crystals, seashells, timber beads, and a variety of native Australian bird feathers, such as —  Kookaburra, Sea Eagle, King Parrot, King Fisher, Bush Turkey, Rainbow Lorikeet, Black Cockatoo, Plumed Whistling Duck, and whatever else Spirit brings my way!


The Healing Crystal Wands are custom made to order according to — use, preference of size, colours, crystals, and individual taste. They can be used for house clearing, healing, reiki, balancing the chakras, energy work in general or as a decorative ornament.


Shoot me an email if you have specific requirements that may differ to what you see here, I am open to working with you in creating what you have in mind.

  • Materials Used

    • Bamboo
    • Crystals (mixed varieties)
    • Seashells (from the East Coast of Australia)
    • Bird Feathers (mostly Native Australian)
    • Leather (different colours)
    • Copper Coil
  • Sizes

    You can have just about any size you like. Smallest starts at 40-50cm in length

    • Small (40-50 cm)
    • Medium (50-60 cm)
    • Large (60-70 cm)
    • Extra Large (100 cm)
  • Uses

    • Clearing Spaces (dissolving negative energy)
    • Healers (directing energy to specific points in the body / releasing energy)
    • Decorative
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