Numerology Course

Numerology Course

Learn the ancient wisdom of numerology.  Private beginners or advanced course. 


  • Beginners Course - 12 hours
  • Advanced Course - 7 hours


My courses are run online via Skype, Zoom, or face-to-face in Sydney, Australia.


If you have a group of friends interested in doing the course/s together, the price will be reduced according to the number of students. The bigger the group the bigger the saving!


After purchase, you will be contacted to schedule class times.

  • Beginners Course (12 hrs)

    AU$ 780

    In this course you will discover the meaning behind each number — both positives and negatives.

    We will cover every aspect of numerology, from life path numbers, to the meaning behind one’s name, the blueprint chart, the day of birth and personality traits, lessons and challenges throughout life, how to predict what’s coming up, what’s on your mind, and relationship numbers.

    You will receive a certificate verifying you have completed the beginners course.

  • Advanced Course (7 hrs)

    AU$ 455

    In this course you will learn learn how to link the zodiac signs to their corresponding number value, in order to gain further insight into an individual’s life journey.

    By the end of this course you will know how to set up a reading and begin making your own interpretations.

    You will receive a certificate verifying you have completed both the beginners and advanced courses.