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"I initially saw Jacquie for a numerology and astrology reading for myself, but I was so impressed with her accuracy and her beautiful nature, that I went back for a reading for my 3 year old to help guide her to fulfil her potential in life. Spirit also told her to do a reading for my husband as there was a lot going on in his personal and work life. I wasn't sure how he'd take it as he's quite sceptical of this type of thing, but after listening to the reading that I recorded, he was dumbfounded at how accurate she was and I can see that it's given him a confidence boost to make some changes. I can't recommend Jacquie enough to anyone wanting some guidance".

~ Emily M


"I just read over the one you did for me Jac and it's just soo...relevant or something! XXX"

~ Natasha S

"Thank you Jacquie, I really appreciate it and it is very fitting indeed! :) <3"

~ Rebecca H

"Thank you Jacqueline, I found my soulmate as you did predict..."

Dieter J

"Thank you beautiful Jacqui!  I cannot believe how true this is!  Sebass and I are moving in together this weekend, and we just booked flights to Chile at the end of the year.  I have a new job that is very writing and speaking heave.  This is so helpful.  Thanks, lots of love xxxx."

~ Emily A

"Wow spot on!  Thanks Jacqueline!"

~ Jewel H

"Wow, thanks Jacqueline, that is amazing, and all of what is in there is so accurate.  Mwaaaah, thank you so much :D"

~ Janene B

"This is brilliant, thank you so much Jacqui!!"

~ Kris Franken

"Thanks jacqueline, spot on! Un beso a ti y la familia."

~ Patricia B

"Hi Jac, I actually just saw this.  It's amazing how each year it's so spot on. X."

~Denise R

"Wow Jacqueline, spot on my friend..."

~Maria K

"Thank you beautiful Jacqueline.  Btw - I love my horoscope - rings true with how I'm feeling - excited about some changes between now and next birthday! xx"

~ Anna R

"Wow, this is perfect, thank you."

~Jody D

"Wow my beautiful friend Jaq, thanks for my crystal all, I hope it all makes sense and I'm as focused as I need to be!!!! Love you x."

~ Julie K

"Thank you Jacquie!!"

~ Stephen S

"That was pretty spot on, wasn't it."

~John K

"Thanks Hun!  This is spot on as usual :) I appreciate it. ;)"

~ Jewel H

Thank you Jacqueline, I love this, omg and so true.  So many good changes to come."

Dee D

"Thank you soooo much jaq.  Our friendship means a lot to me as we have been through a lot...will be seeing you in June my guardian angel. Love you xx."

~ Maree R

"Just love it true XXX."

~ Maria A

"Awwww thanks my ghost hunting partner in crime...very special words with great meaning for me at this time in my life.  Thank you xx."

~ Susan P

"My dearest Jacqueline, thank you so much.  I understand every bit I have a lot of light work to do this year - I am ready for it, I have the knowledge and the power to make it happen.  Thank you so much for leading me.  I love you XXX."

~ Rasa C

"I enjoy these every year.  Thanks Jacqui."

~ Georgia A

"Jacqui, HOW TRUE!!  Massive networking has begun in the last couple of days, and that has been the birthday stuff!  The rest you've written all vibrated with a strong ring of possibility to probable.  You little legend you, my favourite go-to astro..."

~ Evelyn R

"Thanks Jacquie, your predictions sound so much like what I am planning for the next year. xxx."

~ Warren H

"I absolutely love the Jacqueline."  It is spot on, wow!  Thank you soooo much, very appreciated my angelic friend, mwah xx."

~ Lorna M

"You are a beautiful GODDESS...LOVE LOVE.   This is bangin' spot on!"

~ Mona T

"Amazing, thank you so much. xx."

~ Aoife B

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