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Jacquie M | Numerologist | Astrologer | Clairsentient


From One's Birth Date, a Life Path Number is Created, Giving us a Glimpse of our Ultimate Potential

Numerology is a fascinating science that studies the unique energetic vibration held within your name and date of birth.

Think of numerology as just another language, where each number tells its own story. Like most things in life, there are positives and negatives - the same applies to numbers. Generally, we start off in life working more of the negative attributes of our numbers, and it's not until we've reached some level of maturity or been given insight into understanding our own birthdate numbers that we are able to tap into the most positive potential of what we are here to accomplish. Numerology is really quite simple, once you understand the basics of each number.

Numerology will help you gain insight into the specific lessons you are here to work through. It pinpoints the challenges and struggles you face throughout each cycle of your life, and how you can turn these around in order to move forward.  It confirms where your talents and strengths lie, the type of career most suited to you, and helps you examine your life in a step-by-step manner.  You can look at the year ahead, see what opportunities or challenges you're facing, where your focus needs to be, as well as what's consuming your thoughts from one year to the next. 

Jacquie M | Numerologist | Astrologer | Clairsentient

Numerology is great for understanding the underlying issues within your relationships, be it your wife, husband, children, siblings, friends, business colleagues, etc. Learn how you can improve all your relationships.


Above all else, Numerology is a fun and insightful tool that will bring you one step closer to understanding your life purpose.

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